RESTful Deployment

I have been an enthusiastic APEX fan for years. And like every APEX fan, I also have a workspace on APEX. Here Oracle offers the possibility to get to know APEX and to host […]

Interactive Grid – Update current row only

In my current project I use an interactive grid on one page. When you click on a row, i. e. select it, a report is displayed below the grid that displays this data set. The […]

JQuery datepicker with multiple tagged days

Hi, guys, in one of my current Apex projects I have to show a mini calendar and mark certain days there. Unfortunately there is only the option to mark exactly one date in APEX. After […]

Excel SaveAs via COM/OLE – Automation fails under W2008

It’s desperate. I moved the trace export for a customer from the client to the server via forms. No problem on my Windows7 computer. The logic is actually quite simple. Create Excel document on the […]

Sublime Text 2

I read and hear more and more about Sublime Text. And although the editor’s beta version 3 has been around for ages, I’ve been working on Sublime Text 2. Well, what can I say? It’s […]