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My name is Maik Michel. I live in Dorsten and am 42 years old. I am a software developer by passion and I made my hobby to my profession. For me there are always things which one makes better, things which one can optimize.

Here in this blog I would like to share my thoughts and various tips on the topics I encounter in my professional and private life.

  • Name: Maik Michel
  • Occupation: Lead Developer / Consultant / Solution Architect
  • Residence: Dorsten (Northern Ruhr Area) - Germany
  • Contact: micodify@die21.de
  • Interests: driving OneWeel, Agility, Movies, APEX, raspberry, SmartHome, barbecue
  • Bid enthusiasm, team leadership, empathy, project management, a lot of experience
  • Stack: Oracle APEX, JavaScript, CSS, Html, PL/SQL, DevOps


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